Warrior pose, Janet Abel a Hampton Roads, Virginia based Yoga Alliance registered instructor, La Yoga Loca, because life gets crazy

From the Students

Easy Sitting Pose, Janet Abel a Hampton Roads, Virginia based Yoga Alliance registered instructor, La Yoga Loca, because life gets crazy Dear Janet,
Thank you for crafting such a wonderful experience for the Well Women on Wednesday. You have a gentle presence and teach in such a caring, sincerely non-judgmental way ... I felt very pampered, and as I mentioned, emotional. Doing chair yoga with you put me in a safe place of non-thought, just being -- somewhere I have known but haven't experienced for a while; it was a homecoming of sorts and a release, too. And it felt good physically.

Hi Janet:
I'll try to keep in touch. I hope to hear from you also when you learn a new pose you could try to spell it out for me

I really want to thank you for the offer to come to your class about 2 years ago. I really didn't like it at first, but then I just fell in love with it. I can feel how beneficial it was for me physically and emotionally. It's so rewarding to finally be able to do a pose correctly, I'm really proud of myself when that happens (crocodile). I hope I keep it up by myself. Maybe you could suggest some music for me to buy to keep me going.

When you make your DVD please make sure I'm your first buyer. Hey, or you could just record one of your classes at Premier Fitness on a CD, I'm sure I could still follow along. When I do workout at home I can still hear you in my head, that's a good thing! I loved the way you explained all the poses for me during class and in our semi-private sessions. I think anybody wanting to take up yoga should have a few private sessions with you.

Thanks again, Janet, you're my Yoga Mentor Hero.
-Julie West

"I've been attending Janet Abel's yoga class for two years at Northrop Grumman Newport News. The class meets on Monday, Wednesday and Friday's directly after work. Janet is excellent yoga instructor with a calm encouraging manner. I consider the class my reward for a hard days work or a tonic that brings me back to the center. Monday is extremely busy and frantic for me and after an hour of stretching, strength building and relaxation, I'm as good as new. My back is what returned me to yoga. After a month or so of yoga, no more pain. None. I very proud of my company for offering this yoga class and highly recommend it for everyone."
-Stephen Reilly
-Engineering Supervisor
-Department E56
-Northrop Grumman Newport News

"Janet does a great job of teaching yoga for all skill levels, adapting the poses for both those new to yoga and those ready for more of a challenge. Janet's class puts me in a fantastic mood and has me feeling relaxed and energized!"
- Earl Reyes

“I just wanted to thank you so much for taking time during the workday to have Yoga class for the employees at the Joint Warfighting Center. I can really feel the difference in my body and the way my clothes fit after weeks of Yoga. You teach the classes at an excellent pace and are very knowledgeable in Yoga. After a session, I really feel like I have had a strengthening, calming, holistic workout. Again, thanks so much.”
- Lennore Gunter

“I thought it was a great workout, and plan on coming every week if I can.”
- Major Mike Riggleman, USAF

“Yoga is extremely relaxing, and Janet’s method of teaching adds a level of comfort that makes her classes most enjoyable. Even with back, hip, and knee troubles, I am able to maintain a good flow of movement using the alternative poses Janet provides. It is an hour each week that I look forward to, as the positive effects to mind, body, and spirit are many.”
-Lee Ann Jones

"I want to add my voice to those who thank you for bringing Yoga to the Bridgeway Building! It offered me the opportunity to experience Yoga, for the first time. The stretching exercises have added to my flexibility and eased the aches that comes from sitting too long at a desk, bent over a computer. Your quiet, soothing instruction, along with your continual encouragement made me want to continue to improve my form, stamina and as a result, my health! Thank you for your selflessness and example that you have set, of what we can all accomplish if we apply ourselves!"
-Jim Leavis